November 5, 2011

Just got lucky...AGAIN

Winning in some Facebook pages isn't new to me. In fact, I owe that luckiness through breastfeeding because what I won is related to that. I got 3 nursing covers here, there, and there. I won a manual breast pump and breastfeeding blouse too. And last week, I got free GCs from a diaper brand. I coudn't explain the feeling I was when I knew I got to win new stuffs.

And this time, I got lucky...AGAIN. The contest I joined was not related to breastfeeding anymore, but something I used to do with my little boy -- babywearing.

Here's what I won from Caleb's Closet and Painter's Wife giveaway -- an amazing wrap in blue, the BAILEY WRAP.

MKJ in bailey wrap
I am so lucky!! :)

**You can order bailey wrap here and here

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