November 3, 2011

My 1st Day of November

Last year, I spent my first day of November staying alone at home. I was pregnant then, and J and his family went to the cemetery to visit their departed loved ones. My mother-in-law opted me to stay at home, you know old sayings about pregnancy.

But this time, my first day of November was spent with my family away from my two boys. MKJ is sick so J decided to take care of him while I was in the cemetery visiting my grandfather and Aunt Emma. I left him a stash of milk good enough for the hours I will be away. Leaving the house, I felt a little sadness and was bothered about how will MKJ be taken care of J.

Note: It is J's actually, first time of taking care MKJ while I'm out of the house. And I have no idea how it will go.

At the cemetery, I couldn't stop myself from looking at my watch and mobile phone. There's no text messages received and even phone calls. I wonder how my two boys are kept at that moment. After a few minutes, a text message from my husband popped out in my mobile phone which says:

Diaper change - check
Clothes - check
milk time - check
medicines - check
meal time - check
playtime - SUPER CHECK

My reaction, I super LAUGH!!! I cannot imagine how J did all of that. To give you a background, J was up to Manila almost every week, and could have bonded with MKJ on weekends, merely not exactly 24 hours. So, I was terribly amazed how J took care of MKJ.

And his secret? They just bonded, watched cartoons and played on and on. He is such a daddy figure.

On the other hand, I enjoyed my first day of November at the cemetery with my family. I had fun, just like a reunion. 

How about you? What happened on your first day of November? 

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