September 27, 2011

I won a Breastfeeding Top!

I never tried myself wearing nursing blouse. I just don't know but maybe because I am already okay with a nursing bra plus a comfy blouse to wear and breastfeed easily. Oh, and I may add a nursing cover! Shoot! Breastfeed in public.

But sometimes, I have this mindset on trying breastfeeding tops just for curiosity. I wanted to buy online (since there is no available on malls in our province) but am afraid that sizing might be a failure on my end. I don't want to waste money. Until one Mommy shared her birthday giveaway and ta-da!! -- I won! I just won a nursing top!

Here is the design I choose.

And last Friday, I received through mail a comfy yet fab nursing top from Lab Wears.

So nice right? And it's just fit for me!

Thanks again Mommy Natz and Lab Wears!

Hi mommies! Looking for breastfeeding blouse and dresses? Shop on Lab Wears!

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