April 11, 2011

Share a thought, Win a gift: Babinski Versavest Cover

When I started breastfeeding, internet was one of my tools regarding breastfeeding facts and finds. My first find was to look for a nursing cover. My choice of nursing cover was not just a cover to my breasts but also to cover my back because pregnancy made hell on my waist - stretch marks at the back! As I was surfing the net, I found Babinski Baby, their Versavest Cover caught my attention of solving my problem. Until such time, happily hopping at their Facebook page, they had a contest. And to my delight of saving money and winning, here's the question and my answer:

And because, I got lucky...
I won Babinski Baby's Versavest Nursing Cover! 

Photo from Babinski Baby
This design, Royalty is my prize from answering in their constest. The design is fab and stylish and I like it! It's a thing you can grab & go, fits well inside my bag or just put on, and go! It also turns out as a summer cover up, my sister borrowed it from me.

Even my baby loved it too..


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