November 28, 2012

My very First

I've experienced mixed emotions when the time came I have to be away in the city and will spend time at the beach for three days. Yes, it is my very first and I couldn't explain the feeling. It's mixed - excited and sad because it will be my first time to be long away to my little one and our first time to experience a real getaway. 

The plane ride. 

This is my very first time to ride an airplane. The feeling wasn't good at first. I'm nervous and all I could imagine was a scene riding on Anchors Away in Enchanted Kingdom. Haha. I got dizzy at the last few minutes before landing but the view outside the window took me to take away the feeling of awkwardness. It's my first time so I really treasured every view I could see outside the window. Hehehe. 

The beach vacation. 

I've been to different parts of the country when I worked as a Brand Assistant for events. I was there mostly for work. But for vacation, this is my very first. When husband told me he got free airfare tickets, Kalibo was the first thing came to our minds, and then the beach. Oh Boracay I must say!  It was really worth it to take a vacation at the beach such as in Boracay. 

The swimsuit. 

Me wearing my Ilovekoi Miramar Maillot 
Actually, this is my very first to show off in a swimsuit while on the beach. I didn't care if I'm fat and the others are not. I just want to be uniformed and relaxed like that of other belles in Boracay. I said to myself that Boracay is a treasured beach so I really spent a penny for my I love koi swimwear. 

The breast pump.

The goodness of Unimom Mezzo Manual Pump
After 1 year & 6 months of not seeing my breast pump, we're reunited again in the island of Boracay! Hahaha. I have plans of weaning M already but I don't want to swim with engorged breasts so  I pumped twice in a day when I was there and I was surprised with the output my pump and breasts did. 

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