February 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Mama!

To my ever supportive, loving, and caring mother, happy happy birthday! They say, nobody is perfect, but to me you are! I love you to bits and pieces! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA!!! :)

January 29, 2013

Cereals Galore!

Cereals have become part of my toddler's diet. I always assure that it's on our grocery list so I won't run out of stash. Every morning, he grabs a box of it and handed to me and will say, "Nanay kain." (Mommy, eat.) He likes it with milk or fresh fruits on it. I'm one happy mom every time he does it. Yay!

And my toddler is one lucky boy for he always receives Cereals from his daddy's cousins abroad. Just like the pictures below. Thanks Tita Eunice, Tita Hannah and Tito Sam!

January 23, 2013

26 Months of Breastfeeding

Today is my toddler's 26th month and while I was staring at him, I knew that it is also my 26th month of breastfeeding him. Oh wow! I just can't believe I have gone that far and I am truly amazed that I have been nourishing him all throughout with my milky breasts. A lifetime blessing!

Every time people will ask me, be it like the elderly, relatives, co-moms or even his pediatrician why I still breastfeed M, I answered them with a smile. I don't want to answer them in long sentences and afterwards will receive an anxious look. Well, my only reason is this: I have milk pouring down from my breasts and as long as M needs it on his development why not feed him. I am a SAHM and there's nothing more I could give him but love, food, and care. That is how breastfeeding is all about. People around you who doesn't know more about breastfeeding and still living in their own thoughts will really give you criticisms you don't want to hear because it will just hurt. For me, I took it as just everyday thoughts as long as M will nurse on me. 

Right now, I don't have plans on weaning my toddler. Although, sometimes M has really crazy behavior when he nurses, I just let it go. It's part of him growing up. 

How about you other Moms? How long will you breastfeed?