October 21, 2011

Mail Happy

Yesterday, I got a phone call from J. He told me that my long-awaited prize from US has arrived, and plus another one from a diaper company. MKJ and I were in Momsy's house so I've never knew they were coming.I got excited to go home to see what's in the mail. 

And when I got home last night, I was super MAIL HAPPY.

Here are the two things I received yesterday.

My free Mcdo gift certificates from Drypers sealed in a congratulations envelope are fun! I am lucky to be one of those first 600 registrants in their Drypers active website. Cool, isn't it?

I've waited for this for almost a month, and the waiting is worth it! I got this as a prize from entering Golden Charm (a blogger from Canada) Blog giveaway. This is my fourth nursing cover, haha.

Super Mail Happy. 

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