May 23, 2011

Share a thought, Win a gift: Unimom Mezzo Manual Breast Pump

From single electric breast pump to double electric breast pump, now I am happy to have a manual breast pump. Yes, I am happy! Thanks to  Babymama for having a mother's day raffle, and I just got lucky to  have the Unimom Mezzo Manual Breast Pump. 

When I opened the box, I was first attracted to the color of the handle, so feminine and nice. The color pink resembles a view of a simple lady. Okay, let me share why I am happy to have this breast pump. Here are my thoughts.

1. Because others say that there are manual pumps that require the use of two hands, this pump isn't. It's easy to use because of its rubble handle – non-slip and designed to have a better and easier grip. Actually, I tried pumping while my baby is nursing on my other breast. Can you imagine that?

2. For some they say manual pumps are maddeningly slow, for me this breast pump is not. I easily experience fast let down and never gets bored on how the pump will get milk. Plus add it on another real key and it’s not really the pump, it's you. Relax and look on your baby to initiate a fast and good let down.

3. The first time I tried on it, I am a bit afraid because of pain. But then it's not. Suck is firm, soft, and efficient and for me, it mimics a baby's suck. On addition to it, the silicon massager is friendly to my breasts. There are others that when squeezed hard on breasts leave a mark and pain. But with this pump, no pain yet full of gain.

4. The Mezzo Manual pump is so easy to use and fast to reassemble. Its parts are very convenient and simple. All you need is to sterilize before use, and consume 10-15 minutes of pumping.

Overall, the Unimom Mezzo Manual breast pump is a good find for mothers who usually are at home, like me. It's a grab-and-pump breast pump. Since this pump is easy to use, you can use it every hour if you do want to increase your supply. I tried it several times and the result is great. For working moms, this is also a great alternative if you are having a hard time packing and bringing a loaded pump in the office. This pump is lightweight, and with few parts, less wash is needed (no hassle to wash after all) and will greatly fit into a smaller bag.

So why not try this one and if you decide to buy it grab and buy a pump here.

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