November 29, 2012

Thankful for October

As I've mentioned on this blog months ago, J resigned from being an IT expert and chose to study again for a different career. He studied Aircraft Maintenance as his new field and spent two years for that. That is sacrifice on our both ends but I really do thank the Lord because, fortunately J already finished the course just this October.

The 2-year course wasn't easy for us. He had to be away with us on weekdays and income is really sacrificed. J is studying and I have no work. But still, God is so good because J has good parents who helped him in financing his studies. On a brighter side, J was able to suffice our other needs through his lifetime-business-hobby about car racing. I am happy to have a husband like him.

To J: Congratulations and Happy Graduation. I am very blessed to have you!

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