November 29, 2012

Hooray for 2 years of Breastfeeding!

I was breastfeeding M a while ago when I remembered that November is going to an end and yet I didn't had time to greet myself to have breastfed my boy for already two years. So I will never let this end month without congratulating myself a happily HOORAY for 2 great years of breastfeeding! :)

Actually, I planned to wean him already when I had my getaway but the power of my boobs plus the immense sucking he is doing everyntime he feeds on me really did not work. I, too is not emotionally ready but physically yes. Sometimes his biting and tantrums while breastfeeding put me in total hurt to stop. But I guess, I wouldn't want him to see emotionally and physically stressed just because I want him to stop to breastfeed. Maybe, it's not yet time. I guess he really enjoys my breasts and me wants to bond always! So here's a breastfeeding photo (not a good one because of my big face, haha.) where the toddler sneaked in to my breasts to nurse. 

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