October 1, 2012

My Experience on Milksharing

Compared to some moms who shared their breastmilk in bags to moms and babies who are in need, I only shared mine in a bottle and through my breasts. Odd? Yes. I never experienced the typical milk sharing that some moms do when they have extra milk bags in their fridge. I did but with just one bottle (2oz) and breasts (20mins) and the feeling was really heartbreaking.
I could remember that day when Matt was still 2 or 3 weeks old when a baby arrived in our neighborhood, asking for my breastmilk. She was adopted from the time she was born and never tasted mother’s milk. She was 1 week old. I was religiously direct breastfeeding Matt then, and occasionally pumping when my breasts get heavy. Her grandmother came to our house and asked if I could pump a bottle for her grandchild. I did and gave her a 2oz bottle of my milk – fresh from my boobs, creamy and tasty. That moment when I gave the bottle to her and saw how she finished the milk to the last drop was fulfilling in my part. I was on the thought of offering my breasts to feed while watching her but her lola said no, “nakakahiya naman.”didn't insist anymore for I don’t know what thoughts are running in their minds. I am just happy that time because I knew my milk is worthy enough to share even though it’s just 2oz in a bottle.
Milk sharing is not just limited through donating breastmilk in bags. I had my another experience through my breast. No bags, no bottle, just my breasts only and the feeling was different yet remarkable. It happened when I breastfed my sister’s daughter. It lasted for 20 minutes just to calm her when her mom was away for an hour and it felt a deep yet special part in my heart. I couldn’t believe the thought that she really took my milk and considered it as her mom’s.  I was laughing out loud then because I never thought that it could be happening and it really was. It really helps to have a sister who is breastfeeding too. I got the same scenario and she too did what I have done. It was an amazing experience to nurse another child who are not yours, double on purpose: share and feed. 

This is my experience about milksharing and I know I am a bit late to contribute my own experience for the World Milksharing Week. But then, I am glad I did. 

Got milk? How did you share it?

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