October 10, 2012

Happy Mail! :)

I couldn't believe that I could own 3 books in an instant! If I could remember, I always stare at these books at National Bookstore for I was very hesitant to buy it. To me, it's expensive and my budget's not on the loop from buying those. 

But oh well, after joining and fortunately winning over Roller Coaster Mom's Blog, I got the 3 books from What to Expect. Yay! I've waited for these books for almost 1.5 months to arrive and voila, it's a happy mail yesterday! 

What I received was What to Expect when You're Expecting, What to Expect The First Year and What to Expect The Second Year. These books would probably fill in the times when I got clueless over the past few months of taking care M and the first book will stay with my younger sister who's 5 months pregnant now. 

Again, thank you What to Expect and Roller Coaster Mom!

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