October 7, 2012

Dealing with Ensogo

A deal is a deal, right? But to Ensogo, their deals are really good, yet ruined by their overflowing transactions. 

I bought a good deal at Ensogo a few months ago. The product is offered for a 60% discount so I pretty bought it because I know I could never find a good deal like that. Registration, Membership & Ordering were easy. No hassle. I received the voucher quickly after I paid. But to how fast I made the purchase, the item was on a slow phase before I had it. 

Read: slow/overdue/forgotten

I paid the item 2 weeks before its delivery and that is the policy which is okay with me. But I received the item after almost two months. Yes, that long. I got worried so I tweeted and emailed them. No replies made me worried all the time. Until I discovered tons of reprimanding comments on their Facebook and I was like, OMG! Am I scammed?! So I commented too and reprimanded them of my order. They sent email after 2-3 days and after a week I received the item. 

I didn't expect that I could still receive the item. And according to the LBC man who delivered the item to my place, Ensogo has really good deals. In fact, they deliver everyday most of their stuff but the group buying site cannot cater all the their transactions properly that is why it turned out to mostly failure in deliveries & pick-ups.

Lesson to myself: Make a thorough research first before buying a deal in group buying sites. 

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