October 12, 2012


Last night was really heartbreaking. Up on the phone was my brother telling me that Nadine, 7, died that night. I have nothing to do with her. In fact, she's just a 7 year-old girl in our neighborhood who doesn't know me as well. But knowing that at an early age she left the world, was really heartbreaking. The poor girl died because of dengue. 

Dengue really sucks and it made me afraid that night because of M which might get bit by bad mosquitoes. Ugh. I need to be more protective every day. 

To Nadine, I don't know you much but your little face resembles on my mind; those mornings when I saw you before I head off to work you're very young, and your birthmark on your chinese-like eyes makes you cute. May you find your soul well rest in the arms of our Lord. You are now an angel.

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