February 8, 2012

MKJ's Daily Read

At an early age, I want MKJ to familiarize himself with ABCs, 123s, and other stuffs he might encounter in his journey of growing up.Though he can't pronounce or read all of them, still I want the thought of saving those stuffs in his memory. I am sure that when he reached the right age to speak, spell and read, it won't be hard for him to do that. Thus, advance learning is a good thing for children.

These tiny books are what keeping our bright and sunny reading days up. I called these books a mini library. It has 6 little books in one box. I bought a box of nursery rhymes and basic learning.

Everyday, I allot 1-2 hours of reading aloud and showing the pictures to MKJ. He listens to me but sometimes he doesn't. He pays attention to the picture I am pointing to and sometimes he holds the book by his own little hands. There are times when he asks me early in the morning to hand him the books and let me read them one by one. In that way, my little one shows interest on learning and that really makes me happy as his mom.

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