January 30, 2012

Thoughts on: No Yaya Since Birth

Before I gave birth to my little one, J and I talked about getting a yaya or not. We wanted a yaya for the reason that J is not always around at home because of schooling, and I (sometimes with my brother-in-law) are always alone at home. I would be needing househelp too in doing the laundry and keeping the house and baby. But searching for a good yaya is not that easy as you know. Choosing and selecting a good and skilled one is very important. As months go by, I always asked myself, do I really need a yaya? And so the journey of no yaya since birth went on and on. Eventually, I learned so many things, or I may call 'diskarte' moves of having a yayaless motherhood. I experienced taking a bath while the door is half-closed and the baby is in the crib. I do enjoy eating meals on the go, having lunch time in bed for five minutes. I peed and pooped while he's on my lap. I carried him while I wash the dishes and clean the room, and so many more.

Now that MKJ is already one year old and 2 months, I still asked myself the thought of getting a yaya or not. I answered myself Yes just to keep me sane from everyday's routine of MKJ's world. I got tired each day, more tiring at times so I really need someone to switch places to. Yaya to rescue? Sometimes, I answered no for I am afraid and (paranoid, haha!) that MKJ might have his new apple of the eye, and not me anymore.

Ultimately, the only reason that I will urge myself to get a yaya for MKJ is when I decided to work again. He's very little to be left out, and I want to let him enjoy his toddler years, safe and fun with me. So no yaya this time. I can still manage.

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