February 9, 2012

Got an Instant TV Set!!

Several months ago, J and I were talking about putting a television set in our bedroom. Both of us were not TV addicts. There's a television set in the living area so I guess the need for another one is not important. But when MKJ has the thought of watching cartoons, J told me that it would be necessary to put one, plus a lot easier to look after him. And so, we ended up buying a TV tuner instead of the real television set.

I'm glad I have a husband who knows everything when it comes to electronics. From being a Computer Engineering graduate and a Professional IT-savvy, he incorporated the use of TV tuner instead of buying a television. He needed a TV tuner (Php1600 in Greenhills), an LCD TV wall mount (Php150 CDR King), and a used LCD computer monitor  plus cable wires (Php10 per meter).

TV tuner
LCD TV Wall Mount
And here's how it looked after.....tadaaaa!! We got an instant TV inside our bedroom! It is cheaper than other television sets and only intended for my little one's watching hour. Cartoons only for viewing but I sneak in to my favorite TV shows when he's asleep. :-)

Got an instant TV!!

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