January 19, 2012

And I will surely miss you Lolo...

Life is a borrowed thing from God, as some people always say. It is a gift, yet, something that will be gone away someday.

My heart was filled with total sadness right now, right from the start when I knew that my grandfather is dying from a disease. I knew right then that time will come and dying will last for a moment, and last night was the time his borrowed life will be returned back in the arms of the Lord.

I cried heartily for I will miss him so much. He is very dear to me, and all I can say is that he became the best grandfather in my life. He is a good father to my mom and a good husband to my grandmother. Overall, he is a man of wisdom and great existence.

Lolo Martin, I am very thankful to have you as my grandfather, for being so kind to us, and for giving us plentiful pieces of advice about the aspects of life. I know you are happy now that you are right beside with God, your mom and two lovely daughters. I may not be there to witness the happenings in your wake, but rest assured that my prayers are all for you. May your soul be peacefully rest in peace. I love you Lolo Martin.

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