December 23, 2011

I feel the spirit of Christmas even though there are no Christmas decorations

Since I was a kid, our house never missed the joyous experience of decorating the house with plenty of Christmas decorations. There goes a not-so-big Christmas tree with dancing christmas lights, colorful balls, angels hanging and a big golden star on the top of the tree. Outside the house is a colorful, big lantern. I always had fun everytime the calendar strikes November -- that's the time we started doing Christmas decorations. 

But this time that I am married, I missed doing that kind of thing. Last year was an excuse, I guess, as I gave birth to my little one at the end of November. Of course, I am busy with him and have no time to decorate our small room. But this time, I asked myself why I didn't bother to have time to put some Christmas decorations on our small room. I bet, if you could visit me in my room, there is no single thing that will remind that "Oh, It's Christmas!" For some reasons, I didn't know how to start. Funny it is, I just may add, the laziness on this holiday season strikes on me. 

But it is not just through Christmas decorations one can feel the spirit of the season. I know that within my heart, Christmas is exciting, happy, and joyful even though there are no Christmas decorations around.

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