December 17, 2011

My Babybond Nursing Cover Experience

I've got a total of four breastfeeding covers in my breastfeeding journey. One of them was bought from an online store, and the rest are all prizes from winning in different giveaway contests. I am lucky, right? Of all the four nursing covers namely: a boncho style, the traditional nursing cover, a nursing vest, and a nursing sash, I like how the nursing sash, or Babybond (the brand itself) works on me. It covers me, and not the baby - a thing that my little boy didn't want every time I breastfeed him in public. We were like having eye to eye contact and that makes breastfeeding so peaceful and calm. 

I got this BabyBond nursing couture from winning a giveaway hosted by Golden Charm Blog. If you wish to have a nursing cover like this, like BabyBond on Facebook for more giveaways update. Cool!!

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