December 30, 2011

A Delightful treat on Papa's Birthday

I was kinda feeling good because I just got lucky again. This year is a lucky one for me for winning in different blog giveaways, And as before the year ends, I got totally surprised when I knew that I am one of the five winners in Frugal Pinoy's Max's Free Delivery giveaway. The very good thing on it was it timingly happened before my father's birthday. As a treat, I made his birthday delightful for he is the one I chose to receive the free delivery. 

Free delivery from Max's
The food came on time, very hot and properly packed. Who would want to have lunch for free, especially on your birthday? My dad. :)

Package C
Package C includes boneless bangus, whole chicken, liempo, sinigang, kare-kare and buko pandan. It is good for five persons. Yummy!


Here's the photo of my father and how he delightfully smiled on his birthday. Thank you Frugal Pinoy and Max's!

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