November 29, 2011

My Little Boy's First Haircut

One of the reasons why I am very excited about MKJ's birthday is to have his first ever haircut. He was born with dark, thick hair and I didn't let it touch with a pair of scissors for an old saying that babies should have their first ever haircut when they turned 1. That is to keep them healthy and strong, away from different illnesses. Okay, I followed. And so, when he turned 1 last November 23, J and I had his first haircut. It's not the official and legal (as I may call) haircut, for we just only cut some strands of his long hair and put it inside the books. J chose Legal and Law books, Computer books and I chose English and Science books. As an old saying, again, strands of hair should be kept inside books of your choice so that the child will grow intelligently on those fields. Ok, I followed again.

And so, after we have gone to a thanksgiving mass, we immediately went to a barber shop and had his first haircut. 
At GQ Barber Shop
MKJ while having his haircut, with a biscuit. 
Don't tickle me, Mister.
It's so cute and refreshing to see my little boy's hair done. He is so cute!!!

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