November 23, 2011

Today, My Little Boy is 365 Days Old

MKJ at 1 day old

At exactly, 5:17 PM of last year, November 23 I gave birth through normal delivery to a healthy baby boy. My world that time was as surprisingly happy as I was to embrace motherhood and babyhood. And later at 5:17 PM, that little baby boy will be 365 days old. Yes, you read it right. He is one year old, and that is an achievement, a gift, and a life.

A gift. I got married and pregnant at the same time. As I remember, I was 5 months pregnant then when I married J. And when I knew that I am pregnant, my heart was filled of overflowing happiness because I knew that God gave him to us as a gift and not really by chance. Although, in the eyes of our parents that marriage should come first, I never regret that journey of my life. All the time, I thought of having MKJ as a gift from up above.

A life. I know that his life was purely from God. And I do believe that God gave MKJ to me to make his life meaningful, beautiful, and with purpose. And as a mother, I gave him life by giving him the best of what I have. And that is through breastfeeding. I breastfed MKJ for one year (today) and will breastfeed him until he wants to because I want him to have a healthy life. I nourish him through my body, my milk, and my existence. To breastfeed my little boy, is to giving him a life I know he would be thankful for.

An achievement. To raise a child on your own, with the help of the people that surrounds you is an achievement on my part. And I will proudly give myself +A. I lived to be crazy and insane all at the same time whenever he is demanding. I discovered different tactics to please him and make him silent. I survived a year with no nanny and am looking forward to many years of not hiring a nanny for him. Totally, to have MKJ is an achievement and I believe that all moms are proud to have an achievement like this.

MKJ at 364 days old
And now that my little boy is already 1 year old, I wish him all the best in the world that will make him happy. I pray to God almighty to give him a healthy body, mind, heart and soul. And lastly, I wish him to be just simple because indeed, the world is so simple to live in.

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