December 7, 2011

MKJ's Big Day: The Celebration

It was a blast that our celebration turn out happy and smooth. I guess, because of the feedbacks I've heard from some family members and friends .I am very happy seeing my guests with smiling faces.

We chose a well-established restaurant in the city, Ho-Tsai, to be the venue of my little one's party. Their function hall is simple and clean plus it gave us a comfortable feeling because is air-conditioned. Their food is sumptuous and delicious. We got chicken, beef, pork & fish on menu; leche flan & fruit salad for sweets; and lechon that really tasted so well. Burp burp burp is all that I can see on their faces hehehe.

For the entertainment, we gave the stage to a magician and clown. I didn't get the chance to see their performance but as per my siblings, they did a great & funny job.

As for the cake, we have it from Goldilocks because J doesn't want modern cakes. He's old-fashioned anyway. =) As for him, fondue cakes are super sweet so he doesn't want that.

Our giveaways are very local! Yes it is, from the shopping capital--Divisoria it is! And take note, it is cheap compared to other giveaways. So, let me describe it in three words - cute, affordable and useful.

Our guests consists of three groups of people - J's relatives, my relatives and some of our dear friends. They made it to 100 guests!  Thank you for coming!

MKJ's 1st birthday celebration is truly an awaited part of his growing up. I really cherished that day and I am thankful for that.

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