October 24, 2011

The little baby bag

Back when I was single, I used to carry around small types of bag. A sling bag, shoulder bag or handbag will do. And those kinds of bag will just fit inside my necessary things - girly kit, phone, hanky and candy.  I really don't like carrying huge bags, (only when needed like travelling) because I find them so heavy to carry. Sometimes, when I am lazy, I didn't bring any. Celphone, hanky and a small comb are all inside my jeans' pocket. Do I look so boyish with  that? Ok, you think. 

But huge bags are what I need when I gave birth to MKJ. I used to bring a big baby bag going out of the house. I need to pile up 5 pcs. of diapers, 3 burp cloths, alcohol, baby wipes, blanket, little pillow, tissue, and 2 sets of clothes everytime we go out of the house. That's tiring especially when all of those are not really meant for use and you'll just realize it in the end. After doing that for almost 5 months, I switched again to using small bags. I downgraded all the things that MKJ will really need, and also mine too. But after doing it for another couple of months, I gave up. I think I lost the fashion sense of bringing a small-bulky-looking bag that really needs to burst out all the things inside. Haha. 

Good thing, I found this little diaper bag/pocket from Tiny Tots. It's little but could fit inside a bunch of baby needs. It's little but very useful most especially when you're always on the go like me. Here's what I stuff inside this super useful bag.
extra shirt, baby wipes, extra diapers, Sophie, biscuit, burp cloths, & nursing cover
Tadaa!! All fit inside!!
And now the baby bag will no longer invade the mommy bag. I am definitely happy carrying around two bags, one for me, and for the baby. Happy!

For more info about the bag, visit Tiny Tots Shop here

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