October 9, 2011

The Kid in Him

I am not fond of watching cartoons. In our family where I have 6 siblings, they're gathered in the living room busy watching cartoons like that of Tom and Jerry, Slam Dunk, Mr. Bean, etc. And me, I don't go crazy over it. My thinking was cartoons are just for real kids.That's it.

But one Sunday afternoon, I was surprised seeing the kiddo life in my husband. As I was to take a nap, I hand him over MKJ for I was so terribly sleepy. While in bed, I could hear MKJ's silly cries so what I did is to put pillows on my head and just ignore it. I said, let J do the job this time and I care myself to sleep. Few minutes passed and still I can hear the little boy's cries. I went over to J and this goes our talk.

Me: Paano na ako makakatulog nito? Grr. Make a way.
J: Ikaw ang gusto nya. Sa'yo gusto.
Me: Then make a way. Gusto ko mag-sleep.
J: Sa'yo gusto talaga. Nagawa ko na lahat.

He did all? Naaaah. Or he is just too busy watching this in Cartoon Network?

Okay, the kid can't look after another kid. :-p

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