October 6, 2011

Cloth Diapering: Better late than never

If I could remember those days when my uncle has to wash all the lampin my twin brothers used, I bet I don't want to do the same. It's disaster, I said. So when I gave birth to MKJ, disposable diapers are my option. It's easy and ready to put on. And for a mommy-no yaya like me, I think it will all be easy except for the fact that it really takes your penny.

And so, after stumbling upon Facebook pages selling cloth diapers, reviews about it on Mommy blogs, I got curious about this modern cloth diapering system. All I knew is that cloth diaper is just the so-called lampin or folds, but years evolved, and so there are those which are modernized.

I was tempted to try one, but I don't know how to start. I am very used to in handling disposable diapers so I guess it's late for a 10 month old baby to introduce to cloth diapers. Besides, I don't want the hang of wash-dry system since I don't have a yaya after all. Silly me, these are just pretty lowline reasons.

Little Buddha prefolds + diaper cover

But when my mom surprisingly bought this starter for me, I knew that it's better late than never. This isn't the expensive ones you can see on websites but this is a good start for a mommy like me who wants to know, learn and enjoy the world of modern cloth diapers.

So Mommies, if you're thinking on using cloth diapers, you may want to check these following sites:

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