September 26, 2011

My super late birthday GIFT!

It's been almost 4 months when I write a post about what birthday gift I want from J. And all I want was a hair make-over. I was eyeing this salon that will open in a nearby mall within our city for I couldn't afford to go in Manila to have my hair done. Hassle it is, because I need to leave MKJ away from me, and do pumping while travelling. I chose to wait, and it took me 4 months to have my gift. And waiting is rewarding! Yessss!

It was expensive though, but my hair really needs to be done. It's been 21 months since I had my hair make-over  and waiting for that is totally worth it!

So you want to see my hair ha?

I lav eeeet!!!

I had my hair done at Tony and Jackey. They recently opened their branch at SM City Batangas. 
So what say you?

When I got home, J was really surprised with how I look. He said, "Wow!!!"

Thanks J for the birthday gift. So sweet of you! 

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