September 15, 2011

Sleep tight my Baby

Putting a baby to sleep is a challenge to me. Remembering those days when MKJ was still 2 months old, I had a very unpleasant feeling putting him to sleep. It was like putting him to sleep will take 2 hours in a max, and suddenly he will just sleep for more than five minutes, and hello Mommy, I am wide awake and hungry again!. How bad is that? In Filipino, I call it tulog-manok.

But as months go by, I discovered how to put MKJ in a sleep, sound and long enough to endure me-hours. I am super extending my gratitude to our laundrywoman who advised me to let him sleep on a hammock under our double deck bed, and of course breastfeeding him longer helped a lot too.

Putting MKJ to sleep is something I called relief from crazy mommyhood days. And when the baby is sleeping happily, for more than 2 hours, I can endure hours of me-time.

Me-time #1. Internet galore. Internet is something I get busy with when MKJ is sleeping. I read personal blogs about motherhood and research about things which interest me. I also find time to shop online. Internet is important, I guess for new moms like me.

Me-time #2. Looooooooong Shower. After putting him to sleep and settle him in his hammock, I hurriedly rushed to our bathroom to experience the coldness of water for several minutes. It is the only time I can meet the shower and it is really a relaxing feeling. If few minutes permit, I still have time to clean the bathroom.

Me-time #3. Household chores. And this include laundry, ironing and cleaning the room. What a great way to multi-task while the baby is sleeping!

Me-time #4. Vanity galore. Manicure and pedicure it is! Sometimes, I do a personal hot oil on my own or eyebrow plucking. Great, right?

Me-time #5. Sleeping. Sleeping on a me-time? Yes I am! Who needs sleep when the baby is asleep? This is such the most relaxing time of my me-time. I need to energize and recharge on the hours when he is wide awake.

How about you mommies, what do you do when your baby is sleeping?

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