August 24, 2011

A Mother knows Best and Breasts

I thought he did get better. But he wasn't. I blogged about stress over MKJ's sickness a week ago concluding that he did okay through his pediatrician's prescribed medicines. But it wasn't. It did get worse actually, or worst as I may really say. After series of giving antibiotics to a coughing baby, I have realized two things: Mother knows best--that is my Mom, and Mother knows breasts--that is me.

I owe a lot to my Mother's experience. I followed her advice to shift  to a new pediatrician, one who is expert and well-experienced enough, because MKJ is not getting better with the medicines he took past from the previous pediatrician he had. True. In fact, he suffered from thrush due to excessive intake of antibiotics which is not absorbed well by his body system. We then talked to a new pedia, who was our pedia since we were kids and that is double E to me. Expertise and Experience. After a week, glad that MKJ's cough didn't lead to asthma and thrush was cured. What a relief.

Another thing, I owe a lot to breastfeeding. As his pediatrician said, "Buti na lang breastfeeding ka dahil kung hindi, asthma na patutunguhan nito." (Good that you're breastfeeding, otherwise, this it will really lead to asthma) I am happy that I did my best to help cure my son, even in a simple way. I can really say that breastfeeding is really a rewarding experience.

Now, as I may really say, for the second time around, MKJ is going a lot better. I am too. And I am thankful to my mother who is always there for me. 

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