August 29, 2011

A long weekend is SWEET.

Today marks the reason of having a long weekend in the Philippines--August 29 for the celebration of National Heroes' Day and August 30 for the End of Ramadan. Cheers to all folks who are enjoying a 4-day weekend with their loved ones.

....And I owe those sweet kisses, hugs and cuddles to that long weekend. I am HAPPILY enjoying it with my two boys, J and MKJ. 

We didn't plan of going somewhere else because MKJ just recently had himself on medications. I don't want him to travel long so we just stayed at home. Also, the weather two, days ago invited us to bed-to sleep and dream of a happy tomorrow.

Having a long weekend this is best described in two words, FAMILY and LOVE. And this long weekend is SWEET.

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