August 15, 2011

Stress and the Sick baby

It’s almost two weeks that MKJ and I were battling with cough. For 8 months, this is my first time to see him inactive, coughing and not eating seriously. Add to it, he suffered flu which eventually led to fever. Oh my. I got stressed until now, and I just considered breastfeeding a lot, marathon it is, will solve the problem alone. But it is not. It helps, but not at all. So, I came up with the following solutions and gladly, MKJ is getting better.

1.    Visit a Pediatrician. For first time moms like me, PEDIA visit is the first thing I did. That’s the easiest and most certain way to deal with problems like this. Good thing, MKJ’s pediatrician is a specialist in pulmonary diseases so I had no worries on how his cough will be treated. As per his pediatrician's advice, "if you're in doubt, just ask." And that's what I really did.

2. Research and Read. Internet is an additional tool, helpful if you're really worried and stressed. Babycenter is one helpful site I visited when I need additional remedy for babies with cough. Reading and understanding really help.

3. Speak with your Mommy friends. This goes with the personal side of me. I really got stressed and finding a time to text or even call other moms gave me relief, plus additional learnings! As they say, friends are always there to help and support you. So I am very thankful to have nice mommy friends. One thing I learned from one mom is to bring your bub at the beach where the sun is starting to rise. In that way, your little one will get the healthiest vitamin the sun can give. It will lessen dry cough and flu. I did and it work.

4. Indulge in plenty of fruits, vegetables and water. Since MKJ is 8 months only and can eat only mashed fruits and vegetables, I really focused myself on having those healthy meals so when he breastfeed on me, he'll get it. I ate lots of citrus fruits and green leafy veggies and took more than 8 glasses of water. Such a healthy move!

5. Pray and be positive. The most important and ever helpful of all the solutions I gathered. At morning and night, I prayed for MKJ's good health everyday. It really works, no doubt. He is really getting better.

I got stressed, but I did handle it.

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