August 30, 2011

5 Virtues Breastfeeding Developed in Me

August is Breastfeeding Month. And before this month ends, I want to share the 5 virtues that breastfeeding has developed in my 9 months (and counting) of exclusively breastfeeding MKJ. 

breastfeeding MKJ
Charity. Or let's call it love. This is the greatest of all virtues and the perfect reason why I chose to breastfeed. I love my son so much and I want him to give the best, pure and sweet thing I have in my life, my breast milk. 

Commitment. Breastfeeding is a promise not just kept on the breasts but closely in the heart. It is a commitment to do or not to do, and I kept it in my heart and mind that breastfeeding MKJ is a thing to do, despite of great challenges. It is not that easy to keep a promise but rewards yourself in the end a very heartful result. Mine is a jolly, healthy baby boy!

Courage. In my early days of breastfeeding MKJ, I have two choices in mind: breastfeed or feed. By feed, I meant formula milk. I stared on a can of S26 which the hospital asked my husband to provide after my delivery everytime I saw drops of blood flowing down from my cracked nipple. It tempted me so much. Looking at him, it gives me more courage to breastfeed. And I told myself from that time on, that I will breastfeed courageously no matter how painful and hard it is.

Perseverance. Nipple pain, Teething, Biting, wrong latch, engorged breasts, mastitis are the reasons that brought me to become a more persevere mama. And to develop perseverance, one has to have a courageous patience. And I owe it to breastfeeding. 

Confidence. Or I may call self-confidence? Yes, it is! I am the shy-type of person and sometimes unconfident of the things I should be proud of. But when I started to breastfeed, it developed the self-confidence I'm missing in myself. With no rituals and everything must set forth, I nursed MKJ in public with or without cover. Would you care more about your exposed skin or hungry baby? Definitely, self-confidence takes place, and I would choose the hungry baby. Confidence is the state of a chosen action that is best described as correct. 

Generosity. By generosity, I meant giving. I haven't experienced giving extra milk to those in need. Hospitals in our province ( Batangas), I think if I'm not mistaken do not exercise breastfeeding that much. I haven't heard of milk donations around the province either. So by generous, I don't mean the literal meaning of giving. I am generous when it comes to thoughts, ideas and answers regarding to breastfeeding. In fact, I felt the generous side of me seeing my sister who just delivered birth last August 7 and gone to exclusively breastfeeding her baby by day 2. With all the generous learnings I had because I am breastfeeding, I am happy that I influenced her to breastfeed too. You may want to click here about my generous post to promote breastfeeding to my younger sister.

Breastfeeding is a learning journey. I am happy that I developed these 5 virtues in my breastfeeding experience. 

Happy Breastfeeding Month once again dear Mommas!

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