August 2, 2011

I've got Beauty Secrets

I am not into beauty tips. In fact, I don't even have beauty rituals. I am fine with just using a moisturizer on my face after a bath and a sunblock, and a body lotion when I get out of the house. My make-up remedy consists of powder, blush-on and lipstick. That's it! I am very simple when it comes to handling my body and face. 

But still, I look over to some simple beauty tips that will help me look healthier and prettier (yes, of course) everyday, in and out.

And so.. I downloaded a simple app using my Iphone about beauty secrets at the touch of your fingertips!
Let me share with you some of the tips I found useful and exciting.
I don't use mascara, but I think this is good.
That's correct!
will definitely try this! :-)
And this one, too!
These are just some of the thousands I read from that beauty secrets app. Cool? yes, very!!!
Try it now!

Note: Never disregard professional medical advice from health care provider or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on the app. The app offers health information for general information only.

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