July 27, 2011

Long Time No See

Friends come and go. But these girls whom I met two years ago are my current friends. We were officemates, then resigned but still share personal lives with each other. We call ourselves, the WonderGirls. It is because we're wonderful and our friendship is.

It's been long time no see when we saw each others. Joan, the single lady studied Caregiver course, and Jhing has been busy with her 9month old baby. Likewise, I am like Jhing busy with MKJ. 

Gladly, Jhing planned to meet us, and timingly, it's a celebration for two - our meet-up and Joan's birthday.
It's a Pizza treat and overflowing of Chikastories that day. 
With Joan and Jhing
I had wonderful and mommy-like stories with Jhing. Her son is one month older than my boy. We shared our first time motherhood moments, her formula feeding and my breastfeeding success. Jhing breastfed for two months only and got amazed on how I purely breastfeed MKJ. I told her my secret. And that secret is YOU, yourself. I taught her that breastfeeding is Mother's choice supported with determination, confidence and motivation. Upon hearing all the stories behind my breastfeeding journey, she arms herself to breastfeed on her next baby. Great, isn't it?

On the other hand, I enjoyed sharing and giving pieces of advice on Joan's personal life. Friends are the people you can count on when problems are showing your way. And indeed, I found a friend in-need when I had a personal talk with her.

I had almost four hours of personal life sharing with my WonderGirls. I enjoyed (especially the PIZZA, hahaha) being with them and listening to their stories too.

Good thing too, I have supportive parents to take care of my boy when I am away. 
Such a happy day. 

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