August 5, 2011

5 things I do when I get bored

Boredom is an ultimate no-no in my life. I don't want to see my days doing nothing but stare, look outside the window or even glance from time to time at the clock. I want a busy me-happy everyday, with lots of stuff to explore and discover.  

So when I get bored, I usually see myself doing different things just to take boredom away.

1. Watching Movies and TV Shows. I am not a couch potato but I turn out to be one when I feel that boredom strikes. I love watching movies specifically about those that deal about chic-romance and fantasy. Good thing, J has lots of downloaded movie from the internet so I just head on to his portable hard disk and choose what nice movie to watch. On TV shows, I switch on music, food and fashion channels. 

2. Internet Surfing. If there's an internet connection then that's the solution to a boring day. Check yahoo mails, Facebook notifications, Tweet, Shop & Blog-that's how simple Internet is to me! Sometimes, I also download MP3s for my iPhone and listening to music makes a boring-free day.

3. Food tripping. When I get bored, food is the greatest solution! I love to explore on cooking anything. I may not be a good cook, but I know some that are easy but yummy! If I feel lazy to cook, going to food houses is a must. I love eating and that really drives me. Pizza is my favorite! Who loves to eat anyway, I know all of you are!

4. Reading. But not books. I love to read magazines like that of Reader’s Digest. Such a simple mag but contains bits of stories that will surely touch one’s heart. Got bored? Subscribe to a one-year read of RD. I did it, yay!

5. Organizing stuffs. I love to see things in proper places-clothes properly folded, shoes in the shoe rack, dirty clothes on the dirty basket, etc. If it calls for a boring hour, I usually see myself doing a series of organization. First, on J’s stuffs, next is MKJ’s and last on mine. I will never get bored doing this nonstop as this looks good on my eyes.

So, what do you do when you get bored?

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