July 22, 2011

On Promoting Breastfeeding to a Younger Sister

I write this post because I was supposed to join a breastfeeding carnival celebrating the Nutrition Month (July) but unfortunately I got problems with my internet connection and laptop which resulted to not meeting the deadline. But still, I wanted to share my words. :-)

MKJ bfeeding in my boob.
I am a breastfeeding mother to MKJ for almost eight months and I am looking forward to breastfeed him for more than a year or so. I am a stay-at-home mom and breastfeeding my son is much like work – tiring yet rewarding and successful. Although, I encountered it in a very hard way; experiencing cracked, sore nipples and problems on latching, still I managed to become an exclusive breastfeeding mommy.

In less than a month, my younger sister will give birth to her first baby. She got pregnant and married at the age of 21, still undergraduate. Every time we see each other, I always remind her that she should breastfeed EXCLUSIVELY like what I am doing to my son. And she always answers YES. But to me, reminding her is not just appropriate or rather persuasive. Looking at her, she is young and still developing to be mature. Breastfeeding has developed purely the maturity in me, to be more responsible, focused and determined. And I want her to be one.

And so, I hope my own ways of promoting breastfeeding will help her (and other expectant moms too) to breastfeed happily and willingly.

Simplest Reason to Breastfeed. I choose to breastfeed because I LOVE my son and I want to give the best and most nutritious food to him – my breast milk! I believe that this is the simplest reason of all breastfeeding mothers. Breastfeeding is LOVE.

Be POSITIVE, Have the ATTITUDE. Breastfeeding is all about positivity and having the attitude to become a successful breastfeeding mother. In my early days of breastfeeding, I wanted to give up to ease the pain of sore nipples and frustrations for not getting a good latch. But I always think that if other mommies can surpass it, why can’t I. My mother is a good example of this. We are 7 kids in the family and are all breastfed. I am just starting with my first one and I believe I can. Indeed, I am right now, and doing a thing like this is a journey.

Educate and Read. When I ran out of answers to my questions regarding breastfeeding, internet is the key. Reading over breastfeeding sites is what I did every time MKJ is sleeping. Breastfeeding blogs also are of big help. Definitely, I will share the sites I used to read to my sister so she’ll learn a lot.

Passing-on my Breastfeeding Must-haves. I got a total of 3 nursing covers and 3 breast pumps and will willingly pass on some of them to her. Having those stuffs is a motivation and a helpful tool to breastfeed properly. Nursing cover is a must-have in my bag whenever I’m out of the house with my little boy, and a breast pump when I’m without him. Truly, I call them bestfriends. So share your friends! The more, the merrier! :-)

Nurse in Public. With or without a nursing cover, I breastfeed MKJ whenever he demands for milk. Be it in a grocery shop, auto shop, church, beach or any public place, I am a living example that breastfeeding a child chooses no place. I even breastfeed while standing!

On Saving Money. Since they were young couple and both have no source of income, breastfeeding is a right choice to save money. I and my husband spent money on diapers, MKJ’s vaccine, groceries and pleasure times. My mommy friend who doesn't breastfeed spends P5,000 every month for her baby’s milk. P5,000 is very huge enough to be spent on other stuffs! See, so breastfeeding really helps! And I believe, that hey, you little sister, if you breastfeed, you’ll save a lot!

So, that’s it! So simple breastfeeding is but it really pays off big to every mom and child. Breastfeeding is 

To my little sister, I hope I stayed in your heart a living example. Carry me in your heart and mind as you enter mommyhood. The world you’ll enter by then is very different from the single days. I am here if you need help. Xoxo.

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