August 8, 2011

Welcome to the World, Blodwen Ember!

For almost two weeks, every member of the family was so excited. We hardly wait for our little sister's delivery and when it happened, we were all kept on praying for a safe and smooth delivery. Looking back, my sister Johann experienced a not so good pregnancy but still she faced it with full of effort and patience.

And then, on August 7, 2011, 11:57 pm, a pretty baby girl was born..
WELCOME to the WORLD, Blodwen Ember!!!! (nice name, noh?)

Blodwen Ember
Sadly, she had her labor for almost 16hours and ended up for a c-section delivery. :-( 
But that's okay, she has now a beautiful and bouncing baby girl.

I'm very excited AGAIN to see a little baby in the house. I also daydream a lot to have a baby again, a GIRL of course. Maybe in the next 3 years. Hahaha. 

And now, my breastfeeding lectures and thoughts will be passed on to her. I hope to do it with all my powers.
Good luck to both of us! 

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