July 25, 2011

Mary Kay Giveaway!!!

I loved Mary Kay make-up. It's pretty on my face and good to my skin. If I could remember, I was in the call center industry and my first pay from that hell job was spent to Mary Kay stuffs. I didn't care for how expensive they were, because I use my earned money on that. If you could look on it, you could see traces of old use. Yes, I bought it 4 years ago but I replace the blush and eyebrow set from time to time. Now, I am thinking what if I have no money for that must-have. I have no work, and every cent counts on very important things for MKJ and house stuff. I'll probably be sad, or maybe will ask hubby to buy it for me. Haha.
My Mary Kay Stuff
Good thing, I found this page of a SAHM blogger who is celebrating her blogversary! She is giving away Mary Kay items as giveaways! Joining is easy. So if you love Mary Kay,reading, and blogging. Please click here

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