June 22, 2011

MKJ's First Travel to Manila

MKJ’s usual travel was in the pedia’s clinic for a vaccine, stroll around the mall and church visit for a mass. But this time, he will be having his first long travel (not really long) in Manila, at the NAIA. His grandfather (my father-in-law) will arrive from UAE and it will be their first meet-up ever. Everyone is very excited.
Night before the trip, I packed all the things MKJ and I will need. Diapers, wipes, burp cloth, pillows, extra clothes, nursing cover, and of course, my SaYa. I prepared myself for this trip for I will be facing a bubbly & tiring day.

The travel took us almost 2.5 hours to reach NAIA. Traffic was not my concern but on how to cater sleeping and nursing gigs of MKJ. He’s very amazed on what he sees outside the car and is easily distracted while breastfeeding. I had a hard time carrying him too. And when he gets sleepy, he will cry and started to be fussy. Sweat. Sweat. Sweat.

Time check and it’s 5PM already. Family decided to shop at Duty Free. I got worried that this hour of time is MKJ’s sleeping cue. I decided to put him on SaYa but J refused not to. Unsupportive yet concerned. For him SaYa will just put my back on strain so better use his huge arms. Yeah, huge. (But hey J, I love babywearing and I don’t care about my back :D)

Good thing, MKJ didn’t become fussy and crybaby as I expected. Maybe the toys’ section area is so friendly that’s why he got amazed and surprised with all the colors.

It was past 9 in the evening when we got home. I got tired. My bed missed me so much.

Good night paralyzed arm & leg, back pain and stiff neck.

P.S. Despite the fussiness and crybaby of MKJ, including the hello body aches, I still want to travel farther and farthest, with him and J. 

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