June 28, 2011

Thank you, God.

An answer to all prayers is blessing. A received email from a company in Singapore is what my brother’s dearest wish to God-to go back again to Singapore after almost 3 years of no work. He then rushed to a travel agency to buy ticket and immediately packed all the necessary things needed. He’s off to NAIA bound to SG on June 26.

Early morning of June 26, I received text messages from my sister telling mw that my brother didn’t make it. Immigration was tough that time. My brother was interviewed for almost 2 hours, for having no effective reason of going to SG. He cannot tell the truth that there is a job waiting for him there for he has no EP (Employment Pass) and was still on process for renewal in SG. He is all just armed by a simple letter from an uncle of ours and it’s not quite a strong proof. As a result, the immigration did not permit him unless he’ll provide a very reliable cause.

When I heard of it, I felt pity for him. I want to embrace all the sadness and tears my brother had that time. I witnessed the excitement and happiness he felt upon receipt of the good news. But then, an utmost prayer is just what I can give.

For another chance, he then rushed again to NAIA. Immigration is REALLY tough. Questions of previous scene are once again asked. My body is shaking and is very nervous. My tears are starting to fall. I just told myself prayer is powerful and God is so good. He was then again interviewed for almost 2 hours. There is no way out to know the real truth and that is to explain clearly that the main reason of going there is WORK. But still, proofs are needed. Good thing, my mother has in her bag the letter from my uncle and a copy of passport. Everything went alright.

From here, God truly answers prayers. Without him, I bet my brother is still here in the Philippines.

So thank you, God.

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