June 19, 2011


It was one sunny Tuesday when my husband came across this antique pendant. While I was waiting for him at the car, he surprised me with a big smile handling the pendant he picked at the middle of the road. He told me to keep it as we might get luck from it. I threw it inside my coin purse and we went home. While heading on our way to a grocery store, I asked J if we are going to buy a car seat for MKJ. He answered me laughing and said, “Kung gusto mo isang dosena pa.” I wondered why he answered me like that and thought of him giving nonsense jokes. Before going to the grocery store, we first went to a lotto outlet. J asked me for six numbers and before paying, he asked me to give him the pendant. He rubbed it and whispered words. The next day, J checked on the winning lotto and I found out that the pendant isn’t lucky. 


One Thursday Morning J’s mobile phone beeped. And because I was near to reach the phone, I grab it and look after the message. But J immediately grabbed it from me and told me not to open the message. I gave him an anxious look. Before reading the message, J rubbed and whispered words again on the pendant. After reading the message, a dismayed look flashed on his face. He did not get the car deal.  For the second time, the pendant isn’t really lucky. Or FATE might have been to us. 
the not-so-lucky pendant haha.

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