June 14, 2011

I'm not yet done shaving!

While Moty is sound asleep at the hammock under our bed, I decided to take a bath. It's been days since I had a full bath and now I want to enjoy relaxing scrubs and bubbles inside our bathroom. I started massaging and shampooing my hair then opened the door and looked after Moty. Wow! Sleepy head. Next, scrub, scrub and scrub, until I noticed that my legs need to be shaved. Before that, I checked again if Moty is still sleeping. And again, he is so good to be asleep. One leg finished. Second leg--eeeek!!!!! I heard Moty screaming out so loud to get out of the hammock! 
Moty reaching out of the hammock :D
When I saw him, I had no choice but to stop shaving because his head was already out of the hammock. Oh my I'm not yet done shaving! Look at those legs of mine!  
Look at my legs! :D

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