May 7, 2011

Movie Date: Fast Five

It was last November 2010, few weeks before I gave birth to Matt, was my last sneak in to the movie house. The movie then was the first part of Harry Potter 7. After that, no movie dates but just has to stay at home and take care of my baby.

Until one afternoon, my husband asked me for a movie date and I quickly said Yes!

First movie of the year: Fast Five!!!

I'm not fond of watching movies like this; mine's favorites are more on drama and fantasy. But after watching, it's really amazing! I came across to a thought that I wanted to watch the previous Fast & the Furious movies. Haha!

Fast Five that stars Vin Diesel (Dom), Paul Walker (Brian) and Jordana Brewster (Mia) is a blast compared to the previous Fast and the Furious movies. The action is exciting and brawny, peerless and confident. I am just a little bit disappointed on how Dwayne Johnson starred in the movie. (He doesn’t just fit in to his character, haha!) But then, the movie, as I will rate is 9/10. What a cool movie!

It was such an amazing movie date, exciting yet relaxing despite of those sleepless nights with Matt.  

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