May 7, 2011

Forever Beautiful Mom and Wife

Pre-Nov 2007, Post-Jan 2011

I've got bigger and bigger boobs. That is the very distinct feature my relatives always say to me everytime they will see me. As they will say, "halatang nanay ka na dibdib mo," and after that I will just smile. 

Looking back, nothing has changed with my personal looks aside from having larger than before breasts. I'm back from my usual weight gain and got thinner too. Breastfeeding brought back my usual look and I am thankful to that. (smiling)

But having the personal looks when I was still a single lady is not merely the point of saying I am more beautiful today. The reason for that is my son and husband making me prettier everyday. 

I've got Jeff who always say I am beautiful even though tender sweat is pouring down on my face, hair is looking for a comb to (because of everyday house chores and babysitting our child), and still kisses me and tells me I'm a wonderful woman. I've got Matt Kier, to whom I am his milk machine and takes great passion and patience to give him the best breastmilk I could ever produced. 

They made me beautiful. And they are the reason why up to now, I still love my hair, that badly needs a make-over  (hahaha). It is because I know that to them, I am more beautiful today and will forever be beautiful. 


My Entry in Babymama Mothers' Day Raffle

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