May 1, 2011

Happy 74th Birthday!!!

Old man in a backyard, smoking and drinking alone.

This is the typical Sundays of my grandfather when he was still alive. I've known him for 24 years and this man is remembered by the following things I want to blog about today for his birthday. 

COCKFIGHTING. The usual man of his old days perhaps, also of his younger days, loves to see cockfighting. For others, this is a form of something not worthy to do but to him, a part of his life-routine activities apart from drinking. As I would remember when I was a child, when my mother was pregnant with our twins, he always caresses my mother's tummy as this is a sign of good luck. After that, he came home with delighted eyes, giving his grandchildren with pasalubong for winning in the fight. 

BEER. If I would to describe my grandfather in four letters, it would have to be B-E-E-R. Often times, I would have seen him drinking beer or some other kind of alcohol. He's alcoholic and I would always remember his story of courting my grandmother while his drunk. So funny but through his words, it sounded such a deep story of love though.

JOKES. Full-packed of jokes, whether corny or grin,  name it he has it. It seemed that his jokes made him very remarkable to us especially the laughter he had brought in. When he was drunk, jokes followed in and we will all laugh to death. Truly, a very humurous Lolo.

It is his 74th Birthday today. Last January 30, 2010, sadness came in as he died because of colon cancer.

He is truly remembered and loved.
Lolo, you're kept in our hearts.

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