April 22, 2011

BUM and still earning

My Earnings 
Being a stay-at-home mom and wife was never in my preference when I got married. I want to be like that of every mothers who purposely work for a living and still be a great mother when at home. But to my husband, a wife should be at home, works at home and will earn from home. And yes, it started when I got pregnant. The looking-forward to a better Marketing person suddenly ended because my husband wanted a stress-free pregnancy. I agree. Until such time of giving birth came, I then agree again to become a real SAHM&W (stay-at-home mom & wife).  And today marks my first year of being a BUM - no work, no pay. But that doesn't make me eager to find for a high paying job. I've got Matt Kier and I am his milk machine, and my husband Jef, my lifetime partner in business and love. They are LOVE, CARE & HAPPINESS - my earnings for a job that is truly heartfelt and devoted.  

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