April 18, 2011

Ameda, I got you.

"Do I really need a double electric breast pump?" A question that bothered me for some time and kept me on stalking Babymama for weeks. I told myself that what Yui (my high school nick) wants, Yui gets.


Ameda, I got you!

I started with an electric single breast pump, Dear Daniel. It's handy and easy to use but takes more than 30 minutes to pump. Buying breast pump was not on my list when I had my pre-shopping for my baby. I never thought that I will be using breast pump until the need came in. The single electric breast pump I had was of big help and encouraged me to do better pumping and storing. But then, its life came to a bit end. My husband tried to fix it but it ended to a lower suction control, still useful but not fruitful.

Solution: Buying a new pump.

Knowing Babymama, I know I will be happy with Unimom Allegro, cheaper compared to that of Spectra and Unimom Forte. I also considered it for home use only upon deciding to be a stay-at-home mom. But then, God is great! He answered my prayer of having something what I wanted and giving more than of it. 
I prayed for Unimom Allegro but he gave me Ameda Purely Yours. What a Bliss!

Thank you my dear husband. So sweet, plus the tote bag and mini-cooler bag.

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