March 16, 2011

Not into Writing

Not into Writing.
I am a Communication Arts Graduate, and I am not-into-writing galore. I never write. When I was in college, I am just obliged to write assignments or projects to be submitted for school. But beyond that, I find writing not my forte.
And so, after four years, I think, that will be changing. I want to give it a try. And now, this is my start.

2009, 25, 2010
It was in the year 2009 when I entered SM Supermalls, my ideal company to work for was on overlong due before I got hired. If I could remembered, I started applying and submitting my resume online way back 2007 and fortunately I got hired as a Marketing officer in SM Batangas, which is near to my home. The job is fun yet toxic. My work dwells on the malls’ events highlighting the thought that SM Batangas should have a hundred of people inside apart from any other malls in Batangas. I got to meet different artists and enjoyed being a semi-VIP. The dark side, it ruins my clock. I never came home early; work hours extend until 10 PM and with overtime no pay while I was on sleep. Duh!
Good thing, there’s this guy whom I met. Oops, let me change that. Stare. Yes, we stare every time we’re in the office. He started first and then I’ll follow. But to me, at first, is annoying. Days came by, and working is boring. I need to look for something challenging and enjoying said my father for me to stay in the company. And guess what, it is the guy who made it for me. Months passed by and I get thrilled and chimed when this guy passes behind me. It’s just that, “who’s that guy, I got crush on him!” I became a semi-stalker in the office. Stares changed into smiles and before 2009 ended, we had our first office/lunch date inside the mall-Mcdonalds.
2010, 25. This start of the year is somehow a twist of fate. The guy broke up with his girlfriend, I too. Then what happened next, we fall in love and started the year with kilig moments. I believe in fate, God’s fate to be exact, and that fate led us to become one. I got married this year, became pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy all in a same year – 2010.
At 25, I became a wife to Jef, and a breastfeeding mom to Kier.

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