March 21, 2011

Drag and Pump

My husband is an occasionally born drag racer. When I had my first ride in his toy car, I had to clench my fists under the seat because his car is terribly fast. I got amazed and enjoyed his world – drag racing, cars, car parts, turbo, etc. Every February and March, I got the chance of watching car racing competition. If you’re unfamiliar with the world they lived in, you’ll probably used to ride a bike. Good thing, my husband answers every tickling question I ask and never gets annoyed if I am being so paulit-ulit.

It was one Saturday afternoon when we planned to watch a competition. Before I said yes, I am into the thought of contemplating for 2 days if I will go or not. My dilemma is how to pump milk knowing that my pump got broken several weeks ago, and still my husband is using his capabilities to fix it. I really wanted to watch, so I decided to go and pump using my wonderful hands. Thanks to Babymama, for introducing to me the Marmet technique of using hands to express milk – I religiously expressed 2 bags of breast milk for my baby after the event.

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